Combined European Dual MBA & Swiss Ph.D. programs in Europe 

Dual MBA + Ph.D.
French MBA in Strategic Management 
Swiss Executive MBA (EMBA) in International Relations & Diplomacy (IRD)
Swiss Ph.D in International Business & Global Management (IBGM)
Term: 12 months 
Learning Program: Choose one of six options
Candidate: Aged between 25 to 55 Years  • Bachelor Degree Holder • 3 Years Work Experience 
General Application Fees: CHF 3,000
   • Application Fee
   • Enrollment Fee
   • Admission Fee
   • Swiss Notarized Seals (3 Degree Diplomas)
   • Graduation Ceremony Fee
   • Enrollment Certificate
   • Attending Certificate | Attestation 
   • 3 Degree Diplomas
   • 3 Degree Transcripts 
TuItion Fee: CHF 20,000
Awards: 3 Degree Diplomas
Contact: Further Questions?!?
Leadership & Innovation (LI)
International Marketing (IM)
Global Business Administration (GBA)
Project Management (PM)
Strategic Management (SM)
International Relations & Diplomacy (IRD)
Human Resources Management (HRM)
International Business & Global Management (IBGM)
International Tourism Management (ITM)
Public Relations Strategies (PRS)
Luxury Brand Management (LBM)