Established global partnership to provide a variety of domestic and international opportunities and low-cost diploma programs for study.

The Continuing Education Service of ERASMUS EDU FOUNDATION offers a variety of courses, university diploma & certificate programs and systems to fully develop skills throughout life.

In order to provide various domestic and foreign programs such as exchange students, double degrees, and joint lectures at overseas universities for students with master’s and doctoral degrees in business administration, we  are continuously signing official agreements – MOUs- with top business schools (graduate schools) representing each country and steadily expanded our partnerships. 

Whether you are an employee, looking for a job, self-employed in a liberal profession, we support you in the development of your knowledge, in the resumption of studies or even in professional retraining.

• Advise and guide a prospective student in the construction of an individualized professional project.

• Support your study resumption project.

• Establish tailor-made programs in the disciplinary fields of training at the regional partner Universities.

• Mobilize the skills and technical platforms of research laboratories to support your innovation projects.


• A response to the expectations of companies and individuals.

• Tailor-made training: adaptation of courses, modularization.

• Know-how in training engineering.

• Research potential and quality training.

• Capacity for innovation and adaptation to needs.

• Geographical proximity.

• A major asset for your employability or your skills development.

• Training that meets the quality criteria of training organizations.