Our ERASMUS Executive BBA, Executive MBA, Executive DBA degree programs;

Address managers and leaders striving to become a responsible and sustainable leadership personality. These are personalities that want to enhance their tools and competences in order to successfully manage the complex and manifold tasks within a globalized business world. The ERASMUS Executive degree programs are conveyed for working professionals who need to continue working while they go back to school.

Generally, these degrees are offered at a Incentive part-time schedule as a high fast-track courses between 6 months to maximum within a year to earn highly qualified executive degree from the UK, France and Switzerland ‘s Public universities and Private Business Schools. Business schools generally look for EMBA and EDBA candidates that have significant managerial experience.

The ERASMUS Executive degree programs stand out for the access it provides to an enriching network. You will have the opportunity to get in contact with fellow participants, lecturers, executives and wider network – as a student, and as a graduate within the scope of the public and private university’s alumni organization.

The diverse range of participants enables you to build up an exciting network of cross-industry and, crucially, long-term contacts.

We have identified a very strong demand from the Chinese and Asian market for higher executive lifelong education training with French, British and Swiss degree diplomas. European university players, and more particularly in France, The UK and Switzerland, benefit from an excellent brand image in this market.

Many students and professionals are looking for French, British, Swiss or European degree diplomas to enhance their academic career and for working professionals, access new responsibilities and thus accelerate their careers.

Indeed, throughout this ERASMUS period, executive lifelong education was severely disrupted: schools and universities closed, several generations then saw their careers impacted and were unable to continue their studies and obtain the desired higher academic levels.

These audiences are now in strong demand for recognition of their skills. The proposal for a Executive BBA(EBBA), or Executive MBA(EMBA), or Executive DBA(EDBA), and Master of Sciences, MBA, DBA courses meet this expectation.

Several European major universities and Business Schools have already designed specific offers and we are currently developing programs of this type (some already taught in China) with the British, French, Swiss and European public universities.

Let’s make an appointment! Together, we can study the opportunities, possibilities of developing programs adapted to this market based on your training offer.

Our partners in China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries enjoy an excellent reputation, highly qualified program, valid degree diplomas, a very significant recruiting capacity, means of communication at the national level and are able to bring your establishment an influence and recognition throughout the territory.  

The present and the future are in your hands as you make the sacrifices and invest to earn your Graduate Business Diploma while working with motivation.

Our business school and university’s top degree program; MBA, EMBA and DBA graduate programs in business administration degree programs are designed to be most effective and efficient for business professionals working in the field.

Our Global MBA | Executive MBA | DBA faculty will always around your life routine together to support and assist you through Erasmus Edu Foundation, local partner universities and commissioned educational institutions, within the scope that does not interfere with your daily life at work and at home.

The ‘Mission’ for earning the highest postgraduate degree in business administration is specially designed and development of advanced business practices by scholars and professional professors in their majors to meet the needs of the rapidly changing business world and to solve the complex and global economic & management challenges. It prepares you to develop the critical thinking skills you need to implement.

Additional applied research that strongly influences business, management and marketing is ongoing to devise new business practices and models to meet the needs of global students in various fields.

For diversifying business administration degree programs, AI • Big Data’ operates a graduate school master’s program that nurtures AI and Big data scientists who are creative convergence talents who can create new business opportunities and solve various social issues through insight into social, economic, and cultural phenomena from Big data.

Upon completion of the program, our targeted students will be able to identify and respond proficiently to issues relevant to the local and global business environment. Students will also have the knowledge and skills necessary to work as leaders in local and global business organizations, non-governmental organizations and international organizations, as well as the competencies of local and global entrepreneurs.

The world is getting more and more global every year. This degree program optimizes and enriches applied education, providing in-depth technical and practical knowledge of the business industry.

As learning and motivated student leaders around the world make a living at home and at work, they gain the experience that will lead them to higher degrees and successful careers, supporting by the Erasmus Edu Foundation and regional partner universities.