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 Erasmus Executive Education Institute is the global degree diploma consortium by cooperation of leading business schools, universities and executive edu-training partners

• Center for Global Education

o Department of Asian Studies

▪ South Korea

▪ Japan

▪ China

▪ India

o Department of European Studies

▪ Swiss Graduate School of Business in Switzerland

▪ MBS Business School in France


Foundation Name

EEF – ERASMUS EDU FOUNDATION – Erasmus Executive Education Institute


Erasmus Executive Education Institute is the global degree diploma consortium by cooperation of leading business schools, universities and executive edu-training partners

Center for Global Education

Department of Asian Studies 

  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

Department of European Studies

• Switzerland

Academic members

Schools offering the Executive Master, EMBA’s in International Management; Business Development & Big Data; Entrepreneurship & Leadership;

Corporate partners

Nearly 70 corporate partners contribute financially on an annual basis and provide the program with human resources and input into the curriculum itself in each country they are based. They chart skills courses, give lectures or invite CEMS students to company activities where students learn about corporate practices or solve cases. These connections are very useful to promote the company to the students, while the students gain insight into real-world problems and solution approaches.

Social partners

The first EEF social partners joined the organization in December 1989.
These are the first in a series of non-profits and NGOs that contribute to the alliance in a way identical to corporate partners (selection and admission of students, governance, curriculum delivery, proposal of internships and employment opportunities).
This new initiative is part of a major sustainability drive from within EEF – Erasmus Edu Foundation.

Alumni association

The CEMS Alumni Association (CAA), founded in 1993 by CEMS graduates, is an international network of CEMS graduates throughout the world. To date, there are nearly 16,000 CEMS alumni. The Graduation Ceremony takes place each year during the CEMS Annual Events (usually at the end of November) which is hosted by one of the CEMS member schools. 

The CAA is led by an alumni board and is present in many countries through local committees of CEMS alumni. The local committees are responsible for keeping in contact with CEMS alumni and organizing professional and social activities. They meet on a regular basis to discuss the activities and development of the association. The alumni board comprises the CAA President, the CEMS Executive Director, a representative of the CEMS Student Board, a representative of CEMS member schools, three local committee representatives, two senior alumni and two junior alumni. It proposes and develops initiatives to foster career and personal development opportunities of its alumni members and represents alumni interests on the CEMS Executive Board. 

While students stay at the partner universities, there are supporting groups called CEMS clubs through which CEMS students share identity. The extended network of CEMS students spans schools across the world.


Global Network



Academic staff

Combined from 15 schools

Current Students

1500+ of 40 nationalities


15 countries across continents


Multiple sites


10,000+ 95 nationalities

Professional accreditation

  • Studies in Business Development & Big Data (BDBD) are recognized by the French Public University, UTT – University of Technology of Troyes.
  • Majors in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management are accredited by the Australian Human Resource Institute.
  • An extended major in Business Information Systems are accredited by the Australian Computer Society.
  • The Master of Marketing program is accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute.
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance major) is recognized as a program partner with CFA Institute.

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