ERASMUS Higher Education Institution

♦ Creates opportunities through Lifelong learning | Adult learning | Ongoing learning | Continuing Education | Further education | University extension specializing in the design continuing executive degree education programs, development from Europe to Asia and implementation of lifelong educational offers in partnership with European Public Universities, and private Business Schools for the final destination of Asian students and executives, professionals.

The Past Backgrounds Of The ERASMUS 

♦ Higher Education Institution for adult learning over several decades of experience, have made it possible to test numerous development diverse academic degree projects in the field for higher degree diplomas education institutions and thus to acquire high-level expertise in:

  • Knowledge of needs
  • The modalities for adapting the training offer to international environments.
  • The development of an international academic network
  • Many European university degree projects in the sector have been developed over the years:
  • Establishment of teaching relocation projects with academic partners in Europe and Asia.
  • Development of axes of incoming mobility for international students
  • Recruitment and animation of networks of agents and partners internationally
  • Establishment of programs in connection with French universities, the British universities, the Swiss Universities and developments in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam, etc.
  • Public / private educational engineering work for the establishment of training offers for international students

Our Strategy of Know-How: Practical Knowledge On How To Accomplish Lifelong Education

♦ ERASMUS Higher Education Institution is the synthesis of all this strategy of know-how and partnerships allow us today to offer highly qualified and valid higher degree education establishments, public or private, to extend their international influence by setting up dedicated continuing education projects.